Some Of Our Clients:

Oil & Gas — Baker Hughes, Landmark Graphics, Sperry-Sun…

Engineering/Manufacturing — AirXChangers, Continental Carbon, Harsco Corporation…

Technology — AMD, Sun Microsystems…

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Results Delivered:

Our clients, their employees and Seeta Resources have jointly delivered impressive results.

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“Pradeep’s methodology works! As a consultant he provided the framework to understand the future of the markets we served and the ones we weren't serving. Now it's like we have a crystal ball for our markets. The knowledge gained has increased our profitability and volume even during this down economy, while just the opposite has been happening to our competitors. Managers have bought in and therefore stay on track.”
Rich Neuffer, Senior Vice President and Group President for the Company's Minerals & Rail Services and Products group, Harsco Corporation (NYSE:HSC)

“Our company is doing well, we have diversified (based on your recommendations) into the Electronic/Electrical, Automobile, Educational sectors, and as a result picked new clients like Toshiba, Gulf State Toyota and Texas A&M. Our gross revenues have jumped 600% in the last 2 years. I knew I made the right decision when I availed your services and more importantly believed in you.”
Abraham Joseph, President, OnePoint, Inc.

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Results Delivered

Our clients, their employees and Seeta Resources have jointly delivered impressive results. A few are listed below:

  • Insulated $100 Million manufacturing company from ravages of economic and competitive forces, to maintain revenue and margin growth in declining markets
  • Redirected OFS firm for sales growth from $300 Million to $1 Billion in 5 years
  • Redirected engineered products firm for revenue growth of 2X and margin growth of 5X in 3 years
  • 4X to 5X increase in market value at a manufacturing firm in 4 years
  • Pricing increase of 40% at commodity manufacturing firm without losing market share
  • Redirected a manufacturing firm's market focus that quickly turned major distributors and competitors into customers - stemmed negative cash flow in three months
  • Product rationalization at an OFS firm to immediately reduce costs; increased margins by 20% in 1 year
  • Rapid growth from 0% share to 55% share for a latecomer OFS/software firm in Canadian markets
  • Swift execution of a major, multi-million dollar offshore outsourcing initiative for a $100 Million publicly-traded software firm. This is an example of how Seeta's Outsourcing Process was used was used to "catalyze and forge" a client team to accomplish a different business goal.

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