Some Of Our Clients:

Oil & Gas — Baker Hughes, Landmark Graphics, Sperry-Sun…

Engineering/Manufacturing — AirXChangers, Continental Carbon, Harsco Corporation…

Technology — AMD, Sun Microsystems…

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Results Delivered:

Our clients, their employees and Seeta Resources have jointly delivered impressive results.

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“Pradeep’s methodology works! As a consultant he provided the framework to understand the future of the markets we served and the ones we weren't serving. Now it's like we have a crystal ball for our markets. The knowledge gained has increased our profitability and volume even during this down economy, while just the opposite has been happening to our competitors. Managers have bought in and therefore stay on track.”
Rich Neuffer, Vice Chairman (retired), Harsco Corporation (NYSE:HSC)

“Our company is doing well, we have diversified (based on your recommendations) into the Electronics/Electrical, Automobile, Educational sectors, and as a result picked new clients like Toshiba, Gulf State Toyota and Texas A&M. Our gross revenues have jumped 600% in the last 2 years. I knew I made the right decision when I availed your services and more importantly believed in you.”
Abraham Joseph, President, OnePoint, Inc.

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Accelerate Revenue & Margin Growth

Pradeep Anand (PA)Hello, I am Pradeep Anand.
For over 30 years, I have helped executives at more than 60 industrial and technology companies develop strategies and tactics that swiftly accelerate revenue and margin growth.

I enable this speedy growth by catalyzing my clients' market-facing people with my proven processes.

How is this accomplished?

All organizations have tacit information and tribal knowledge about their markets. These resources possess insights that are invaluable for fast decision-making and actions. However, these latent, precious resources are not fully exploited to create and execute competitive strategies and tactics.

Why? Because, tacit information and tribal knowledge need “Context” to make them relevant, useful and actionable.

I work with market-facing employees from a “diagonal cross-section” of the firm, and “catalyze contexts” for tacit and tribal knowledge, by using my proven competitive strategy framework.

This process sets the stage with Three Questions (3Qs)--Where are we? Where can (should) we go? How do we get there?

The inquiry process starts with raising and answering relevant questions about Business Climate, Customers, Competition, and Company (4Cs) and recognizing critical elements that contribute to success in framing and executing the Five Gears of Growth (5Gs).

Results: Swift Development of Competitive and Pricing Strategies/Tactics that Accelerate Revenue and Margin Growth.

Click here to see a short presentation on What We Do, Results & Case Studies, How We Do It. It includes more details about 3Qs+4Cs+5Gs.

The Rest of the Story

Besides decades of experience, I possess a range of needed knowledge and skills across multiple domains:

  • Marketing Strategy -- My focus is on how to beat the competition to the benefit of my clients. Also, in striking the balance in delivering value to the right customers and in realizing value for stakeholders through effective pricing. Stakeholders include customers, without whom businesses cannot have long term growth.
  • Engineering & Quantitative Sciences -- I am an engineer with an undergraduate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India. Technical products and processes don't scare me, though some may take longer to learn than others.
  • Communication -- Effective across multiple cultures, company strata, and languages. I have spoken at a TEDx conference and I teach in the MBA program at Rice University's Jones Graduate School of Business.
  • Writing -- Author; published many articles in industry magazines and journals; even have a novel (fiction) to my credit.

A few salient features of my service

- Work in High-Tech to No-Tech industries; in Oil & Gas, Engineering, Manufacturing, Software, Technology and Services. A sample of clients is listed below.
- The process is stripped off jargon and can be understood by all members of the team.
- Educate and train client personnel in the principles of commercializing products and services. A smarter, market-savvy workforce sustains a firm’s competitive edge and profitability for a longer time.
- Deliver swift results and fast outcomes within days of engagement, rather than months or years.


  • I speak often at conferences, at companies, and start-up accelerators. I conduct workshops. My topics revolve around "Go-to-Market Strategies", "Improving Pricing Effectiveness", and "Accelerating Revenue & Margin Growth".
  • I teach “Marketing in the Energy Industry” in the MBA program at the Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University, Houston, Texas.
  • I mentor start-ups in the Greater Houston area.

Sample List of Clients
Oil & Gas — AirXChangers, Baker Hughes, Baroid Corporation, Daniel Industries, Dresser Industries, Dresser Oil Tools, Key Energy, Integrated Exploration Systems (Germany), Landmark Graphics, Metal Networks, NL Industries, Numar, OFS Portal, Petrabytes, Photon, PGS-Tigress, Praxis, Preng & Associates, Sperry-Sun Drilling Services, Object Reservoir (US Venture Partners), Volumetrix
Engineering/Manufacturing — Aggreko, Astralloy, CompX, Continental Carbon, Excell Minerals, Express Integrated Technologies, Fabsco, Fort Lock, Gundle/SLT Environmental, Harsco Corporation, Harsco Industrial, Harsco Infrastructure, Harsco Metals & Minerals, Harsco Track Technologies, Hendrickson Trailer, IKG Industries, MultiServ, National Cabinet Lock, Nutter Engineering, OnePoint, Patent Construction Systems, Patterson-Kelley, Reed Minerals, SGB, SteelPhalt, VisionMonitor Aviation Software, Waterloo Furniture Components
Technology — AMD, Sun Microsystems, Syntel, Metasolv, NobleTek, FuelFX, Avalon Imaging, Scicom, Silicus, Laversab, Facet, Zresearch
Other — Kanaly Trust; Fort Bend Independent School District; American Sleep; Willy, Nanayakkara, Rivera & Goins

Please contact me at ram at seeta dot com.

Click here to see a presentation on What We Do, Results & Case Studies, & How We Do It!

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